Alessandro 'unfolk' Monti
Lyrics, bass, Moeck flute, assorted percussions

Lead vocalist of the original Quanah Parker line-up in 1983-1985, in 2012 he co-produced the CD Quanah!, released by his own label Diplodisc, which in 2014 also released the international compilation Diplocomp: A Diplodisc Sampler, including a special voice/piano/choir arrangement of Quanah Parker’s “prog ballad” After The Rain.

In October 2014 Alessandro collaborated again with Quanah Parker for the CD Suite degli Animali Fantastici, also performing with them on some live showcases. Other future collaborations are planned!

He played with several musicians and bands, recording many albums with them and also for his own acclaimed project "Unfolk": ® 2017