Suite degli Animali Fantastici
M.P. & Records MPRCD068, 2015

  1. From Distant Lands 3:35

Suite degli Animali Fantastici
  2. Risveglio Onirico 2:49
  3. Danza di un Mattino 6:35
  4. Interludio Notturno 0:57
  5. Déjà Vu Fantastico 3:38
  6. Luci dagli Abissi 1:37
  7. Cantico Marino 4:04
  8. Animale Multiforme 4:30
  9. Ritorno alla Mente 3:42

10. A Big Francesco 4:12
11. Death of a Deer 9:36
12. Make Me Smile 4:46

Riccardo Scivales
keyboards (Casio Privia PX-300) and synthesis module
Korg 05R/W in the “Minimoog” parts in tracks 5 and 8
Elisabetta Montino
Giovanni Pirrotta
electric and acoustic guitars + bass in tracks 10, 11, and 12.
Paolo Ongaro
drums and percussions
Alessandro Monti
bass in tracks from 1 to 9,
Moeck recorder, bells, tabla, claves, triangle

All tracks written by Riccardo Scivales and Alessandro Monti,
except tracks 1, 10, 11, 12 written by Riccardo Scivales.
Arrangements by Quanah Parker.
The melody of Interludio Notturno and the main theme of From Distant Lands
were inspired by an idea of Giulia Scivales.
"Hidden lyrics" in From Distant Lands written by Elisabetta Montino.
The piano score of the first part of Déjà Vu Fantastico was published as Prelude To "Sailor's Song"
(A Scottish Landscape)
in the US magazine Piano Today, Fall 2007.
Recorded in 2014 at Virtual Studio (Treviso, Italy). Sound engineer: Andrea De Marchi.
Mix and mastering: Bebo “Best” Baldan @ Exit Studio (Venezia), October 2014.
Artwork by Elisabetta Montino.

Liner notes:
The "central" piece of this album was inspired by my friend (and publisher of many of my music books) Edward J. Shanaphy, who after listening to our first album Quanah! (Diplodisc dpl 004, GT Music Distribution) suggested me to write a suite (in the finest Progressive Rock tradition) on the fascinating subject of "Fantastic Beasts". Whilst I was composing the music for this suite, this happy idea took a further dimension thanks to some musical ideas and the lyrics written by my "long-time musical partner" Alessandro "unfolk" Monti, who identifying these "fantasy creatures" as projections of a human mind, has seen them take a fascinating journey beyond space and time to finally return to their creator. The outstanding work of the whole band Quanah Parker has masterfully completed this dream.
Riccardo "Rick" Scivales, 2015

We wish to thank Edward J. Shanaphy (to whom we dedicate this Suite), Vannuccio Zanella and Antonino Destra for their enthusiasm, valuable advice and assistance throughout this project, our "live sound engineers" Giuseppe Bonotto and Renzo Rossi, and also Diego Celegon, Stuart Isacoff, Pierpaolo Lamanna, Tony Pagliuca, Claudia Pasetti, Sid Smith, and Diplodisc.
A very special thanks goes to our faithful “alternate drummer” Massimiliano Conti
and to our “live bassist” Alberto Palù. ® 2017