Make me Smile
music by Riccardo Scivales
lyrics by Alessandro Monti

Listen to me baby, you got to make me smile.
All you have to do babe, is standin’ by my side.
Feel so sad and lonely when you are not around,
Please stay close to me!
I know you’ll show me colours I’ve never seen before,
I, I will forget the pain!
Can’t explain the joy I feel lookin’ into your eyes,
Please stay close to me.
I’ve waited for a long long time to find a man like you.
The feeling that we both have found, yes, now I know it’s true.
When you kiss me baby, there’s something I would say:
Please stay close to me.
I just can’t believe babe what’s happening to me:
Ev’rything seems wonderful and I am sure it is.
There’s no better joy on earth, no better joy for me,
When I see you smilin’. ® 2017
  1. From Distant Lands 3:35

Suite degli Animali Fantastici
  2. Risveglio Onirico 2:49
  3. Danza di un Mattino 6:35
  4. Interludio Notturno 0:57
  5. Déjà Vu Fantastico 3:38
  6. Luci dagli Abissi 1:37
  7. Cantico Marino 4:04
  8. Animale Multiforme 4:30
  9. Ritorno alla Mente 3:42

10. A Big Francesco 4:12
11. Death of a Deer 9:36
12. Make Me Smile 4:46