Silly Fairy Tale
music and lyrics by
Riccardo Scivales

Don’t deny that is quite stupid
mock the fairy tales.
Sparklin’ drops captured my attention,
so I could see…

Three merry elfs are jumping
up and down the valley,
The first is fat, the second’s tall,
the third is whistlin’.
They’re going to make a very nasty trick
to a snoring man…

Humming a tune they take a saw
and set to workin’,
They hurry up, there’s little time,
daylight is coming.
The snoring man is sleeping like a top,
dreamin’ fairy tales…

La, la, la la la, la la, la la
(continua vocalizzato)

The bed breaks off, the man falls down
and sudden wakes up,
He’s very very bored and looks around
in some confusion.
He cannot see three elfs that dance
with joy in the Rising Sun…

Now you know that is quite stupid
mock the fairy tales! ® 2017