Quanah Parker
music and lyrics by
Riccardo Scivales

Wind, strongful fellow of my life,
Would you like to see your sons
Free no more to ride their land.
Free no more to play their songs.

Free no more to drink the dew,
Free no more to hunt the elks,
Free no more to make love
in the rainbow light;
Like some falling leaves
we need your breath to dance with joy.

Wind, wind, wind! Mighty friend of my soul
Don't neglect my request,
Take our voices on your wings,
And bring them to the way you know!

In the darkness of my worn-out soul
Strange sensations-I feel a new light in me;
Shoot-up with your promises,
No more stupid fear things
The voice of wind is crying for a change!
Where is my axe?

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